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EdbMails: The ideal OST to PST conversion tool

EdbMails: The ideal OST to PST conversion tool


Choose EdbMails OST to PST converter if you’re looking for the best method to convert OST to PST. The software transforms faulty and damaged OST files into Outlook PST with ease. Even the recovery of OST files that are encrypted and password protected can be handled by it.



Common arguments for converting OST files to PST


The most typical causes for converting OST files to PST are described below.


Upon the Exchange Server’s Failure


The Exchange server is also prone to crash, much like other apps. The causes could be internal flaws, an unintentional power outage, a virus infection, a program crash, etc. The OST file is rendered inaccessible as a result of this. The requirement for OST to PST conversion arises in this circumstance.


During maintenance periods for Exchange Server


You cannot access the mailbox data when the Microsoft Exchange Server is being maintained. A mailbox’s data OST file can only function when it is synchronized with Exchange Server. You can export OST to Outlook PST if you need rapid access to the mailbox data.


When you switch employers


Even though you’ve left your prior employer, your Outlook profile may still be set up on the Exchange Server. Despite the fact that you have the OST file, you cannot utilize it online. It can be opened on the computer that it was made on. You must change the OST file’s format to PST in order to use it online.



During the data migration


If you want to move the data from one place to another, OST to PST conversion is required. As your business transitions, you must transfer all of your important data to a new system. Due to the OST file’s restriction that it can only be opened in the system where it was initially created, OST conversion to PST is required in this case.


For OST File data recovery


By downloading the fresh OST file from the Exchange Server, you can recover any mailbox data that was inadvertently deleted from an OST file. However, you must use a professional solution to convert OST to PST in order to retrieve the Exchange Server’s destroyed data.


Whenever the mailbox is deleted


Many factors, including virus assaults, program crashes, unintentional system shutdowns, failed hard drives, insufficient storage space, Exchange server crashes, etc. might cause an OST file to become damaged. The best course of action in these circumstances is to use an expert OST to PST conversion application to convert an OST file to PST.


The most effective method for converting OST to PST

There are manual techniques to convert OST to PST, but they have drawbacks. Therefore, switching to a specialized OST to PST converter program, like EdbMails, which does the conversion quickly and without any data loss, is the best option. All of your OST files can be readily recovered by the software and converted to PST. OST files can also be saved in the EML, MHT, and HTML formats.


Modern functions of EdbMails OST to PST converter include:

  • Unlimited OST files can be recovered and converted to PST.
  • Recover OST files that have been corrupted, password-protected, encrypted, damaged, orphaned, etc.
  • Recover and export unintentionally deleted mails from the Exchange server.
  • Without any size constraints, export big OST files to PST.
  • Directly transfer the OST file to the Exchange server and Office 365.
  • EML, HTML, MHT, and PST are just a few of the OST formats that are supported.


Easy ways to convert an OST file to a PST:

  • Install EdbMails on your computer by downloading it.
  • Select the “OST to PST, OST to Office 365, OST to Exchange” option after logging into the EdbMails application.
  • To convert an OST file to a PST, browse it from your computer.
  • Pick the folders you want to export to PST.
  • To begin the conversion, click the option labeled Export to Outlook PST.

EdbMails offers a high-quality and affordable OST to PST conversion solution.


Because of its cutting-edge features, high level of security, and affordable price, EdbMails is the best recovery and migration solution for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange. It provides lifetime licenses at a savings of up to 75% plus and free 24-hour technical assistance. There is also a free software upgrade available. You can get a free live demo of EdbMails’ OST to PST conversion service to get a better understanding of the program. You can test out all of the capabilities of the software with its free trial version.


How to convert an OST file to an Outlook PST file using EdbMails?

Now that we’ve covered the compatibility and systems on which EdbMails can be installed, let’s go over the steps for performing the conversion.


1.     Download and Installation

EdbMails OST to PST Converter must first be downloaded and installed on your computer, which is a simple and straightforward process. We recommend downloading the tool from the EdbMails website. It is extremely lightweight and installs in a matter of minutes. It’s also worth noting that it’s a single installation, as opposed to other tools, which require multiple installations for different recovery and conversion tools.

2.     Browsing and recovering the OST file

Then, by clicking the Browse button, select the OST file. The software quickly recovers the contents (tested with a large 70GB file which it recovered in a few minutes). When the recovery process is finished, you can view the OST file in the same way that you would in MS Outlook.

3.     Exporting to other convenient formats

If you prefer to convert only specific emails to print, open in a browser, or forward to another person, you can do so by right-clicking on the individual items and selecting HTML, EML, or MHT conversion.

4.     User interface, mail selection and conversion

Select the items of your choice from the left pane by placing individual checkmarks. You can expand or collapse the different folders in the left panel and view the items in the pane to your right. There are also Filter options in the Settings that allow you to select only certain items for conversion. When you’re finished with the choices, move on to the three options below, which are Export to PST, Migrate to Office 365, and Migrate to Live Exchange.


5.       Finishing the conversion or import process

Depending on whether you choose to convert the OST to PST or import it directly into Office 365, you will be directed to the appropriate screens to complete the process. If you chose the PST export option, you must specify a location for the converted file. If you chose Office 365 or live Exchange, log in to your respective accounts, map the mailboxes, and begin the import process. When everything is in place, the tool displays a progress window and, at the end, a message indicating that the process has been completed.



OST to PST conversion operations may be carried out with total peace of mind thanks to EdbMails OST to PST tool, which is among the best and trusted by companies in more than 150 countries. The program transforms OST files that are damaged, inaccessible, or password-protected to PST with ease. The EML, HTML, and MHT file formats are also available for saving OST files. Due to its superior features and round-the-clock free customer service, EdbMails dominates its market competitors.