Can Employers Increase Workplace Happiness?

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Staff happiness is a major part of the workplace and a negative mood can affect the entire office and bring a completely different atmosphere. Heading to an environment and role that makes you happy is what we all strive for and as an employer you have some influence there.

Happiness in the office comes in various forms, whether this be the buzz of the office, the colleagues who surround you or the sheer enjoyment of your role and looking for your next opportunity to learn.

Different aspects of the workplace will spark happiness in different people, the ultimate goal is to understand your team and bring the happiness all around!

Listen to your employees

Providing a safe and comfortable space is not always easy but offering your time and showing that you’re listening is all it could take. Listen to suggestions, how others feel and ideas that could make the office a better place.

The way an office and business will grow is by letting your team have a voice.

Encourage the perfect work life balance

There is such a thing as burn out and it’s a regular occurring affect of working hard without taking breaks or getting the perfect work life balance.

Taking breaks and getting to rest your mind and body will only increase productivity and boost brain power. As an employer encourage flexible working and maximum work hours to ensure your team is working as hard and as healthy as ever.

Offering opportunities

Presenting the business ladder is a fantastic way to offer growth and development opportunities. Employees who don’t have a career path option are more likely to leave than those who feel they have progression available to them.

Understanding staff needs

It’s important to understand that one size fits all, doesn’t work in this scenario. Each member will have a different learning style, varied strengths, and weakness, therefore requiring support in different ways and through different areas.

Making sure there are varied tools and options for learning and progression across the business is going to be key when growing a strong and educated team.