3 Questions You Should Ask When Booking Your Exhibition – PART 1

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Making sure you have all of your facts together before the day of your event is going to be worthwhile for you and your team. This way you’ll erase the chances of being unorganised and ensure the day can run as smooth as possible.

If you’re working with an event team, you should take advantage of the expertise you have available to you and ask all the questions you feel you need the answer too. No question is silly, too big or too small. As long as you are confident that you understand what you have purchased and how the day will run.

There are some questions we feel are important to ask during the planning process, here are 3 to get started with. If you haven’t enquired about these yet, now might be the time to do so.

Sockets and Electricity

You would like to think every stand space would include electricity and plug sockets etc, but to most people’s surprise this isn’t the case. To have the luxury of using lights, laptops and electricals, it’ll come at an additional cost on top of the space charge.

Be sure to work out the most cost effective solution for you and confirm you have plug sockets before shopping for stand accessories.

Discuss Set Up Times

No matter the complexity of your stand, it’s important that you know how long the stand will take to assemble and the time you can enter the hall to set up. Discuss the earliest times available and if possible, request to enter the hall the night before.

Setting aside enough time will reduce the stress and time restraints on the big day.

Stand Possibilities

Attending an event is a costly experience and if your business attends more than one during the year, you’ll definitely want to make the most of the stand you have purchased.

Before going ahead with any purchases, ask how the stand can be adapted and discuss the configurations available. Stretch your budget and select the right stand that will see you through many events, from this year and years to come.